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Solving problems with FSX version

Postby noisy » 16 Sep 2009, 18:15

If you can't get FS Recorder for FSX working on your system (installation error, error on FSX startup, FS Recorder menu or Add-on menu not present), the following post should help you to find out what's going wrong and how to solve the problem. If all that doesn't help, post details of your problem in this forum.


It is recommended to use automatic installation, i.e. run the Setup.msi installer.
You have to extract all files in the zip archive before running the installer, otherwise installation will fail! Note that the installer only installs FS Recorder for the current user!

If you decide to do a manual installation as described in the readme/manual, make sure to correctly add the launch.addon entry to the dll.xml file!

Note: In FSX add-on modules can be installed in any directory, unlike in FS2004, where they had to be in the Modules folder. FSX itself does not have a modules folder, but many add-ons create one.

When running FSX for the first time after installing FS Recorder, a security dialog should pop up, asking you if you want to load the module. If it does not occur, FS Recorder is not installed correctly.

File/directory permissions

The following permissions are required to successfully run FS Recorder: Execute permission for the DLL module and write permission for the directory where it is installed (to save settings and create temporary files).
In Windows XP this should be no problem, if you're logged in as administrator.
In Windows Vista/7 with enabled UAC (user account control) however, you have to make sure these permissions are set for your user account, or you have to run FSX as administrator (by right-clicking the FSX shortcut and selecting run as administrator from the context menu). The Setup.msi installer should automatically set these permissions for the current user.

If you're using Windows Vista/7 and FS Recorder does not work, try to run FSX as administrator. If that solves the problem, it is caused by missing permissions.


Every version of FSX (RTM, SP1, SP2, Acceleration) brings it's own version of SimConnect. FS Recorder 1.3x requires the SP1 version of SimConnect, which means, that you need to have FSX SP1 or higher installed! If this version of SimConnect is missing, FS Recorder will not be loaded by FSX.

There have been reports, that in some cases the SP1 version of SimConnect is not installed when installing FSX SP2 without installing SP1 before. Below you find a small utility, which shows the installed SimConnect versions, the required one is 10.0.61355.0.
Utility to display installed SimConnect versions
(28.07 KiB) Downloaded 2783 times

Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Runtime

If the Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Runtime is not installed on your system, FS Recorder might not load. It can be downloaded from the Microsoft website:

Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86)

dll.xml file

In FSX for every add-on module a launch entry in the file dll.xml is required. The entry for FS Recorder is added automatically by the Setup.msi installer.

In some cases the dll.xml file might be damaged by add-on installers. Also there have been reports, that in some cases the order of entries in the dll.xml file can play a role and cause some add-ons not to load correctly.

If you can't get FS Recorder working, and you have (or had) other FSX add-ons installed, try one of the following:

Download the free FSX DLL.XML Viewer and Repair Utility from the Flight1 website (read the included instructions!) and try to repair the dll.xml file or to change the order of the launch entries.

Or, to find out, if the problem is the dll.xml file:
Uninstall FS Recorder, find the dll.xml file on your system, rename it (e.g. to dll.xml.bak), then reinstall FS Recorder using the Setup.msi installer (it will create a new dll.xml file). If FS Recorder works then, it is clear, that the problem is in your original dll.xml file, and you have to repair it or to change the lauch order.
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