Unable to load saved VC camera views or save new ones.

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Unable to load saved VC camera views or save new ones.

Postby Hurricane91 » 28 Jul 2017, 02:51

Many thanks for FS Recorder. It is one of my most used utilities in multiple FS9 installs. I installed it many years ago and have been able to sort out most problems by reading the manual or support forum.

Lately I have been unable to load saved VC camera files or save new ones. Attempting to do either causes the sim to immediately crash to desktop. Spot camera views and instant replay are the only other functions I use, and they work normally. I can also create a new set of VC views, but must delete and create a new one when changing airplanes. The FS Recorder folder with saved files is in the main FS9 folder. I have tried deleting and adding a new .dll, but that hasn't cured the problem.

Several months ago I installed Windows 10. I have three FS9 installs, Golden Wings, Silver Wings and a stock version of FS9. FS Recorder still works normally in the stock FS9 that was installed new in Windows 10.
Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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