Recording and Playback

  • Recording flights of (almost) unlimited length
  • Optional recording and playback of AI traffic
  • Playback of one or multiple recordings as AI traffic
  • Recording new flight during playback as traffic
  • Flying formations with yourself
  • Advanced playback features (change aircraft, delay tracks, select individual tracks, ...)
  • Instant replay, if recording was not started
  • Jumping and searching during playback
  • Playback control via keyboard or control window
  • Stop playback at any position to continue manually
  • Loop part of a recording
  • Change playback speed
  • Custom keyboard controls
  • Customize recorded data


  • Multiple virtual cockpit cameras
  • Multiple tower cameras
  • Multiple spot cameras
  • Manual panning or automatic tracking of aircraft
  • Automatic zooming
  • Zoom smoothing
  • Saving/loading sets of cameras
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